About Us

Tokyo Club, Ponsonby Central, is little Tokyo. Here we present urban cuisine from Tokyo - Japan’s busiest city.

We are an “Izakaya” dining bar, offering ‘Yokocho’ laneway dining. The Yokocho market place originates from the alleys between two main streets, where the black markets once traded. Today, they are packed with Izakaya & food stalls serving gastronomic delights, with a home-cooked ambience that customers find inviting. 

Tokyo Club focuses on fresh local & Japanese specialty ingredients, required to produce the amazing tastes of Japanese cuisine. 

While dining in, please try our privately brewed sake – “Sarasa”- named after the boss, of course. This sake has been brewed exclusively for Tokyo Club by the sake master of Kawatsuru Sake Brewery on Shikoku Island. The blue bottle reflects the colours of the ocean around this island. Three Japanese draft beers are also available from the tap to complement our menu selections. 

No bookings required, please just turn up at Ponsonby Central. Dine in only. All prices include GST.